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"Doodles, The 2016 Collection"- Featuring illustrations by Nancy Carlson. 12/2 - 1/ 28.

"Pieces United"- Featuring works by Toni Dachis. 5/13-7/16.


"Holiday Pop Up Show"- Featuring works by Nancy Carlson, Adam Turman, Nathan Hilder, Matthew Krousey, Nicole Houff and artists from Partnership Resources. 11/27 - 1/9.

"Havana: Mash-Ups, Then & Now"- Featuring photographs by Martha Driessen and mixed media collages by Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger. 10/16 - 11/21.


"Into the Deep Dark Forest"- Featuring paintings by Alex Kuno and Joan Bemel Iron Moccasin and Sculptures by Jessica Teckemeyer. 2/7 - 4/17.

"Welcome Traveler • A Pin Up Journey"- Featuring original works from the collection of Daniel Murphy of Grapefruit Moon Gallery. 5/9 - 7/5.

"Afterlife Merriment"- Featuring works by D.C. Ice and Jessie McNally. 10/24-11/29.

"Doodles • A 5 Year Journey"- Featuring original doodles by Nancy Carlson. 12/5-1/31.


"Smörgåsbord"- Featuring prints by Adam Turman, Amy Jo, Brian Geihl, DWITT, Jason Craig, Big Table Studio, Cindy Lindgren and Crystal Jensen. 11/22- 1/18.

"Terra Nova" - Featuring Kate Casanova & Areca Roe. 9/20 - 11/16.

"Bark at Art and purrr" - Featuring artwork from all mediums, inspired by our furry companions. In partnership with the Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival and the NE Dog Parade. Benefiting The MN Pet Project. 7/26-9/14.

"moment/momentum" - Featuring Photographer Ellie Kingsbury and Painter Eleanor McGough. 5/10-6/22.

"Synthesis" - Featuring Brant Kingman & Silvia Yordanova. 3/22-5/4.

• "She's Not There: The Myth of the Muse" - Curated by Douglas Beasley, Featuring Marlene Tupy. 1/25-3/9.


"MN Nice" - Featuring prints inspired by MN. Featuring artists - Adam Turman, Amy Jo, Brian Geihl, Emory Allen, Erik Hamline, Jason Craig, Jessica Hall Burns, Kyle Coughlin, Lonny Unitus, Morgan Hiscocks, Ross Bruggink, and Sam Michaels. Benefiting Second Harvest Heartland.

"View Like Memories" -Featuring Emilie Hitch and Nikolas James Perez. 9/21-11/10.

"Bark at Art"- A Benefit for The Pet Project. Featuring Limited Edition Prints inspired by our furry friends. 8/3-9/15.

"Silver & Volume" - Featuring Carla Rodriguez and David Bradberry; An Exhibition Curated by Lars Mason. 6/22- 7/28.

"Messages from the Event Horizon" -New Works by Alison Hiltner. 5/4 - 6/16

"White Noise"- Paintings by Cody Kiser. 3/9-4/28

"Preoccupied"- New works by Edie Overturf and Lauren Schuppe. 1/13-3/3


"Signals"- New paintings by John Megas. 11/11-12/10.

"The Self Revealed" - A self-portrait show curated by Douglas Beasley. 9/16-11/5

"Bark at Art"- A Benefit for The Pet Project. Featuring Limited Edition Prints inspired by our furry friends. 8/19-9/10.

"American Narratives" - Laura E. Migliorino & Matthew Conradt, 5/13-7/9

"Remnants" - Solo Exhibition by J.M. Culver, 3/25 -5/7

"heART for Haiti"- A benefit for Heartline Ministries, Mission Haiti and Providence Haiti. Featuring photographs by Marcia Erickson and Troy Livesay as well as Haitian crafts and art donated by local MN artists. 2/25/11

"The Language of Objects"- Susan Steging Cook, Dan Petrov & Pat Schu. 1/14-2/19


"Toys in the Attic" - A Benefit for Toys For Tots Featuring Limited Edition Toy-Inspired Prints and Custom -Made Toys

"Atmosphere and Movement" - Jack Pavlik & Duane Ditty, 9/24-11/20

"Something to do until the end of the World"- Curtiss A, 8/18-9/20

"Around the World"- A photography group show, 5/14 - 6/26

Artists Include: Jeff Baker, Jeff Harrington, E.Katie Holm, Jesse Knish, Jes Lee, Robert Roscoe and Joe Zaremba.

"Master Blaster"- MCAD Group Show Featuring the 2011 Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies Graduate Students,
3/19 - 5/7

Artists Included: Casey Opstad, Shannon Brady, Mark O'Brien, Robert Algeo, Graham Judd, Jessica Henderson, Levi Murphy, Galen Mc Donald, Song Thao, and Stuart Brown.

"Instant Film Forever"-Nadine Gross & Same Hoolihan


"Dime"-Drew Beson, 11/13 - 12/31.

"Breast in Show"- A Breast Cancer Benefit featuring painted breast casts by several local artists. Proceeds benefitted The Keep a Breast Foundation and The Minnesota Breast Cancer Awarenesss Association, 10/9/09 - 10/31/09

"Boys & Toys"-The Art of Denny Kemp, 6/26 - 8/10.

"Dreamwhirl"- Amy Arnold, Jennifer Davis, Chris Vance,

"Tattoo Art" - Artwork by Uptown Tattoo, 3/27 - 5/8.

"Amunot: Village Hope"- Illume International, Benefit for children orphaned by AIDS in Uganda, Africa, 1/23 - 3/20.


"i wish i was..."- Theo Phu Duong, 11/14-12/31.

"Toys in the Attic"- Squad 19, 9/19-10/31.

"Renewal"- Jeff Baker & Kari Reardon, 5/16 - 6/27.

"Worker's Compensation: The Second Claim", Laura Hallen, Thomas Gessner, Jeff Sturgis, Peggy Sturgis, Stephanie Sturgis, Duane Wirth, 4/11 - 5/9.

"Satellite: A Rosalux Group Show"- Rosalux, 3/7 - 4/9.

"Cold Hands, Warm Art"-Partnership Resources, 1/23 - 2/29.


"Attest and Grow"- Amy Rice, 9/7 - 9/28.

"The Art of the Bicycle" - Gregg Rochester, 5/4 - 5/31.

"Worker's Compensation", Jim Bozicevich, Laura Hallen, Thomas Gessner, Tim Hoekstra, Duane Wirth, 4/6 - 4/30.

"The Art of the Movie Poster", Thomas Gessner, 3/8 - 4/5.

"Keiko's Remix"- Keiko Yagishita, 2/9 - 3/2.

"Ruben Nusz: Recent Work"- Ruben Nusz, 1/12- 2/2.


"Reality into Abstraction"- Robert Roscoe, 12/1 - 1/2

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